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November 16th, 2016 by J

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When away from her hubby, sultry Lisa Edelstein makes use of technology the best she knows how and this includes giving her partner pleasure when they’re far apart. Wearing her kinky lingerie, she gives a hot cam show on the bed, teasing while flashing her tits and displaying that round ass.

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June 28th, 2016 by J

As part of one of the longest running TV series, House, people can’t seem to simply shake off the image of Lisa Edelstein being this super hot Dean and pretty much an intelligent sexy fuck who just doesn’t stir up one’s intellect damn good but their sexual fantasies as well. If you are familiar with the show, there’s not one instance that she looked less attractive, always in her sexy body-hugging outfits that show off her fine curves. And in the show, she’s one of the many who have been wanting to have a medical career since she was younger and ultimately got her dream and ended up as one of the brightest and hottest Deans of Medicine, which she actually took to her real life.

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Though she still is role playing in this leaked sex tape, at least it is who she is when there aren’t scripts from directors and no pubic eye about to criticize her actions. This is pure her unleashing that inner bitch who enjoys getting physical with “patients” and dissecting anatomy but in a sexual way. Yes, none of those scalpels and blood and slimy stuff, just pure naked sweaty bodies exploring each other’s desires and she likes it rough. Getting naked and oiled up is just the start of the show and then she gets deeper into their little experiment on an observation table. She likes getting mouth-fucked until she gags, feeling every inch of the cock inside her mouth just like she would feel it inside her warm cunt. She got plowed real hard in the mouth and pussy, as rough and hardcore as she wanted it, and came so hard too that she made a huge mess on the table.

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May 5th, 2010 by lisa

So, you say you’re a House fanatic huh? You have every single episode of that brilliantly-made TV series complete with the posters and what not? That’s cool. If you ask me, I think the ladies in that show are really tasty-looking, starting with the brunette hottie Jennifer Morrison, the seductive vixen Olivia Wilde to the blonde bombshell Anne Dudek but there is only one hot mama I’ve kept an eye on since day one. It ‘s this big bucket of milfy goodness that is Dr. Lisa Cuddy, well, Lisa Edelstein in real life. And if you say you’re a true fanatic, then you might have heard what happened last week on the set of House. If not, you might be overly shocked to hear this treat I have for you.

Seen here is Lisa Edelstein’s leaked naked pics showing her fully naked tits and pussy while posing at the ward. It was reported that the staff of House had a party where Lisa got drunk off her ass and started taking her clothes off infront of the crowd. She then sat down on the corner of the room, with stripper heels on and started to spread her legs apart and fingerfucked her cunt. Want to know the rest of the story? Get your ass over HERE to see more of Lisa Edelstein’s pussy taking a hard cock in any way possible.

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If there is one thing that best describes this House, M.D. star, she surely can bring herself when it comes to fashion… even if it means having hundreds of photographers flashing away with their cameras, Lisa Edelstein will proudly show off herself even in the most sexy and revealing outfits whenever she gets to attend any Hollywood event. Just take for example these super sexy photos of Lisa donning two black outfits where you can get to see her hot tits protruding underneath in all of its glory. Just imagine the smile on the horndogs’ faces once they get to see a glimpse of her tits, but they’ll be grinning like pervs once we get to show more revealing pictures of Lisa and her tits with our photo collection that is sure to make every Lisa Edelstein male fan drooling and panting like crazy!

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